Philosophy of History Lecture Series

The Centre's personel have taught / will be teaching the following lecture series that directly deal with philosophy of history:


Microhistorical Epistemology Spring 2019 (syllabus)

The goal of the course is to introduce students to Microhistorical Epistemology, a new approach in the philosophy of history and wider philosophy of science currently being developed at Oulu University. Microhistorical Epistemology draws on different established fields such as historical epistemology and microhistory and its current field of application is historiography. The course will familiarize students with the main currents in all those fields so as to put her in a position to understand the resources Microhistorical Epistemology draws on, and how the approach differs from these resources.

In line with the practical streak of Microhistorical Epistemology, actual historiographical texts will be discussed throughout the course. Students will be introduced to different genres of historiography and their potentially differing philosophical presuppositions. The goal here is to analyze historiographical texts by means of the concepts acquired in the course and to come to an understanding of the prospects of and challenges to our knowledge of the past.

Last updated: 20.2.2019