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The Centre for Philosophical Studies of History is located in the University of Oulu, Finland. It promotes the philosophical study of history and historiography and functions as an active hub for researchers in this field, organizing courses, workshops, conferences, and talks. Through these activities, publications and other forms of public outreach, we aim to deepen the understanding of history, historiography, and philosophy in academia and public life.

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The Centre of Philosophical Studies concentrates on three areas: the philosophy of history and historiography, the philosophy of the history and historiography of science, and philosophy of science, including epistemology.

In general, the first area covers any philosophical research on the concepts and problems of historiography, but also those traditions that have tried to say something general on the nature of history itself. The second area of emphasis focuses on the respective questions in the historiography of science and the history of science. Many concepts and problems of historiography have also been discussed and are related to wider debates in the philosophy of science and epistemology. Finally, "theory of history" in a wider sense is also a topic of interest of the Centre.

Our long-term goal is to firmly establish the philosophy of history and historiography as a field of enquiry and discipline within and without of philosophy, and to create an international community of scholars committed to the subject. In today’s global and inter-connected world, we believe that geographical presence is not a necessary requirement for membership in the Centre anymore. Hence, we actively encourage scholars to get in touch and cooperate with us. If you would like to join us as a member or associated scholar, please send an email to cpsh@oulu.fi. For regular updates on our activities, please check our Twitter or Facebook account.

The University of Oulu has the only degree programme for History of Science and Ideas in Finland. Philosophy of history is part of the programme.

Because History of Science and Ideas crosses the border between historical research in the natural sciences and the humanities, it provides an extremely congenial academic setting for the Centre. In close proximity there is also the Eudaimonia Institute, which is dedicated to facilitate high-quality research and professional networking throughout the human sciences.



The Centre for Philosophical Studies of History does not direcly accept students but provides education in the form of a Masters' orientation, courses, and regular seminars and other events.

The Centre offers the Master’s orientation "History Culture and Philosophy" with a strong focus on the philosophy of history and historiography, within the Master’s degree History of Sciences and Ideas. History of Sciences and Ideas is the only degree programme of its kind in Finland with a specific focus on the history of science and its philosophy. At the moment, the orientation can only be chosen within the History of Sciences and Ideas Master’s, without the possibility of direct external admission to it.

In case you are interested in pursuing a PhD in the fields of specialization of the Centre, please contact the Centre's director Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen directly. For the requirements of the admissions to graduate school of the University of Oulu as PhD-student, please see the links below.

Cooperation and Visiting Scholar Programme

As The Centre for Philosophical Studies of History understands itself as a hub for all kinds of scholars interested in the core ideas of historical research, we are constantly expanding our cooperation with other institutions and organizations. If you would like to cooperate in some capacity, please contact us.

Visiting Scholar Programme

The Centre for Philosophical Studies of History welcomes visiting scholars!

We are a growing group of scholars working on the philosophy of history and historiography and one of only a few academic institutions worldwide fully devoted to the subject.

Visiting scholars are given the opportunity to present their work in our research seminar. They are also rendered a working desk and access to the university library and other university services. Naturally, visiting scholars will be able to co-operate with other interesting scholars at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Oulu, for example in History of Sciences and Ideas, History, Archaeology, and Anthropology. Unfortunately, we cannot provide scholarships or any other financial assistance at the moment.

If you would like to visit us, please contact the Centre’s director Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen.

Research Seminar

The Centre holds a monthly research seminar over Zoom during the semester in which different scholars present their current work in the philosophy of history and the philosophy of science. Information on upcoming seminar sessions are published on this website and on our social media. Please contact us if you would like to speak in our research seminar.

CPSH Spring Seminar 2024

The Centre for Philosophical Studies of History proudly presents its spring research seminar of 2024! The majority of sessions will take place on Zoom and two sessions will be hybrid, taking place in-person and on Zoom. More information and the Zoom-links will be published closer to the actual dates of the events on this page under events (see above) and on our social media accounts.

Thu, 29.02.2024, 16h (Finnish time): “The History of our Concepts after Wittgenstein and Foucault” (Leonidas Tsilipakos, University of Bristol, UK), Zoom

Thu, 21.03.2024, 16h (Finnish time): "A Heath Robinson Contraption? Some Problems with Roth's Irrealism" (Adam Timmins, University of York, UK). Zoom

Thu, 11.04.2024, 16h (Finnish time): “Metaphysics of Time Lurking within Historiography: considering the (equal) existence of past, present and future” (Matias Slavov, University of Oulu, Finland), hybrid format

Tue, 28.05.2024, 16h (Finnish time): “In-between Hegel and Marx: Gramsci’s storicismo assoluto (absolute historicism)” (Sevgi Doğan, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Italy), hybrid format

YouTube Channel

The Centre maintains a YouTube channel where we publish lectures, interviews, and other educational video material about the philosophy of history and the philosophy of science. The channel can be found here.


The Centre runs the blog ¡ Philosophy of History Now ! whose aim it is to create a space for discussing issues in the philosophy of history in a less formal and more immediate fashion. Contributions are always welcome—just get in touch with your ideas! See here for the blog and its publication guidelines.


If you would like to join the Centre, visit us or receive information on our activities, please send an email to cpsh(at)oulu.fi.

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