Terhi Piltonen

Associate professor Terhi Piltonen, OBGYN, Reproductive  Endocrinologist and PI. She practices at the Reproductive Endocrinology and IVF Unit, Department of Ob-Gyn Oulu University Hospital, Oulu, FINLAND.

The main scientific interest of Dr. Piltonen is on the lifelong health in PCOS; hyperandrogenism, mental and metabolic health issues. Lately, her research has also focused on early onset of PCOS. The team is also interested on hormonal, metabolic and inflammatory effects of combined contraceptives, commonly used in PCOS. The research team has several national and international collaborators in Europe, USA, Australia and Russia.

Dr Piltonen is a former EHSRE Reproductive Endocrinology SIG Junior Deputee and currently board member for the AE-PCOS Society, Finnish Endocrine Society and member of the interdisciplinary program committee for the European Society of Endocrinology. 2015 Dr. Piltonen was awarded by the Finnish Gynecology Association and 2016 by the Finnish Endocrinology Association for the Young Scientist award. Dr. Pitonen is active in publishing as well as lecturing in both national and international meetings

Last updated: 19.12.2019