Service prices

Infrastructure for Population Studies has set prices for its services in the Northern Finland Birth Cohorts – Research program for health and well-being and Statistics.

Arctic Biobank is a not-for-profit biobank that is accessible for academic and private sector research projects. Arctic Biobank has set pricing for its activities to cover direct project related costs due to the administration, sample and data compilation work, and sample preparation.

Service prices

Underlying costs for the maintenance and development of the infrastructure will be allocated in part for research projects that are performed with commercial funding.

The total cost for the project will vary depending on the extent of requested material. Returning data or results that will enrich the value of the infrastructure will be considered in the cost estimate. In some research projects from the owner institute, the costs for the work may be covered in part

For estimation of the costs for your specific project, please contact arcticbiobank (at) (biobank material requests) or NFBCprojectcenter (at) for NFBC research program material request or statistical expert services.

Type of service


Consultation for sample and data availability

300 €

Processing material request and agreement

1250 €

Amendments to the material request

Extension of the project or adding researchers to the project

Requesting a small number of variables

150 €

300 €

Preparation of material (samples or data) and expert services

164 € / h

*Prices do not include VAT.

Infrastructure for Population Studies reserves the rights to make changes to the prices.