Caroline Relton

Caroline Relton is a Professor of Epigenetic Epidemiology in the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit at the University of Bristol. She obtained a PhD in molecular genetics at Newcastle University in 1999 where she then held an academic position for 12 years, before moving to the University of Bristol in 2012. Caroline’s research focuses on understanding the role of both epigenetic variation in development and disease. The work of her group includes using population-based approaches to study epigenetic information as a biomarker of exposure and a predictor of disease. She has developed and applied causal analysis methods to understand the role of epigenetic processes as disease mechanisms and has led studies investigating the genetic architecture of DNA methylation variation. Her research spans multiple clinical areas from perinatal health to cancer. Caroline is also Director of the Bristol Population Health Science Research Institute.

Last updated: 13.2.2018