Brilliant alumni stories

The University of Oulu alumni who influence with their expertise nationally and globally, are a matter of great pride for us. Here you can find some of their career stories.
Alumni celebrating in the University of Oulu 60th anniversary opening ceremony.

Nearly 65,000 alumni

There are already nearly 65,000 graduates of the University of Oulu, and the alumni community is strengthened every year with well over a thousand new masters and well over a hundred doctoral degrees. All graduates of the University of Oulu are our alumni.

The connection to the university which is established during the study years, will be there forever. Working life knowledge and career stories of our alumni benefit our applicants, students and those in early stages of their careers, education development, and those considering continuing education. Through the alumni stories, we show you what kind of diverse careers our graduates have chosen after their studies. We hope that you too will get inspiration and joy to what you do from these stories.

Meet our graduates


University of Oulu offers a large spectrum of engineering studies to educate experts to all fields of technology and environmental and product planning. Our alumni work in specialist and lead positions in design, production, research and development around the world.


During the past decades ICT has had a significant impact into our daily lives. The field is developing constantly and new jobs are being born. Our alumni have received relevant skills and core knowledge of the latest methods, tools and technologies, when studying in the ICT programmes at the University of Oulu, and now they are working as experts in Finland and all around the world.

Life sciences

A degree in life sciences at the University of Oulu gives basis for research and development tasks in industry and in research institutes. The alumni of life sciences are working around the world as experts and researchers with global challenges related to sustainability and health.

Business and Economics

The alumni of the University of Oulu Business School are specialised in economics, finance, accounting, international business, or marketing. They influence with their expertise and knowledge to the changing and internationalising business challenges.

Educational sciences

Education and training through the entire human life cycle is right in the core of educational sciences. The alumni of educational sciences are working as experts in many kinds of educational tasks in Finland and around the world. They are specialised in intercultural and global education as well as education technology.

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