Language Requirements for Bachelor's degrees

All applicants must prove their English language proficiency. The following gives you the detailed rules concerning the language requirements for our Bachelor's Programmes.

How to prove your language skills

Please note that only the tests and other ways of proving your language skills mentioned on this page are accepted in the 2024 application round. If the test you have taken is not mentioned on our list, it cannot be used as a proof of language skills.

All documents that prove your language skills must be attached to your online application for University of Oulu by the application deadline. It is always the applicant’s responsibility to make testing arrangements for her/himself and to make sure the test results are delivered on time. Be advised that it may take several weeks before the test results are published, and thus we recommend you to book your test well in advance. We only accept scanned final test results, not temporary results or applicant's screenshots from online pages.

The authenticity of the test results will be automatically checked with the test organiser. In cases of a test result is found to be a forgery, the application will be automatically rejected.

Please note, that the language test result must be valid for a minimum of one day during the application period!

Language Requirements for Bachelor's degrees