Applying for the extended residence permit

If you are interested in this blog, you are very likely already in Oulu and plan to stay in Oulu for more time.

Things to notice

Extending your residence permit is very similar to your first residence permit process, although it has some differences to keep in mind.

I applied for an extended residence permit and stayed in Finland last summer.

In addition, based on your personal plan, it's also possible to go back to your home country and apply for an extended residence permit there; the prices may be more expensive, though. Due to the pandemic, I decided to stay in Oulu last summer and applied for an extended residence permit.

Plan your studies beforehand

An extended permit for studies requires a minimum of 45 credits during the academic year. In addition, all the scholarships require students to obtain 60 credits in the first year to get the scholarship for the second year. Therefore, if you are entitled to a scholarship, plan your studies as soon as studies begin (about 15 credits per period and 30 credits per semester) and stick to it!

Apply in advance

Submitting the application before the expiration of the current residence permit is the bottom line if you are staying in Finland. Missing the deadline for applying for an extension will make your stay in Finland illegal and has serious consequences. Besides, if you have other travel plans to leave Finland, such as exchange studies, it's always a good idea to apply ASAP as the queue may be up to hundreds, and you don't want to leave Finland without a valid residence permit.

Apply ASAP, especially when you have other travel plans.

Bank credentials make applying easier

Having e-identification makes life in Finland easier by enabling access to almost all Finnish online services. You can get the bank credentials with your Finnish bank account and Finnish ID card. Bank credentials also make applying for a residence permit extension more convenient. You can simply submit the application online and not need to visit a service point in person.

However, if you don't have bank credentials, you must identify yourself at a service point after applying. Your application is pending until you identify yourself at a service point.

The takeaway from this blog is to plan your studies well in advance to meet the minimum criterion and apply in advance, especially when you have other travel plans. In addition, having bank credentials makes the application process smoother.

I hope your application goes smoothly and enjoy the Finnish summer.

If you have anything that you are unsure of, it's always wise to contact the Finnish Immigration Service to make sure. Better safe than sorry also works for this situation as applying for the residence permit is crucial.

I hope your application goes smoothly. With the residence permit extension being taken care of, then it's time to enjoy the beautiful Finnish summer!

About the author

Peng Zuojia is from China and is currently pursuing her master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering. She was an exchange student last year and decided to stay because she enjoys the student life at the University of Oulu. As a language and sports lover, she finds Oulu has a lot to offer!