Applying with a non-Finnish qualification

Please note that information concerning January 2023 application round will be updated by the end of November.

If you have completed your qualification in a country other than Finland, you can find instructions on how to apply at the University of Oulu on this page.


Language requirements

English language proficiency is always tested with all applicants. The following gives you the detailed rules concerning the language requirements.

All language test results must arrive at University of Oulu by the application deadline. It is always the applicant’s responsibility to make testing arrangements for her/himself and to make sure the test results are delivered on time. Be advised that it may take several weeks before the test results are published, and thus we recommend you to book your test well in advance.

The authenticity of the test results will be automatically checked with the test organiser. In cases of a test result is found to be a forgery, the application will be automatically rejected.

Please note, that the language test result must be valid throughout the application period!

Tuition fees and scholarships

The tuition fees concern degree students who start their studies in English-taught Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes on or later than 1st August 2018 and who are not citizens of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland. The tuition fee is an academic fee and thus covers the costs of tuition. The tuition fee does not cover the living costs such as accommodation, meals, and transportation. All students are required to finance their living costs by themselves.

The University of Oulu International Scholarship Scheme provides scholarships to academically talented international students studying for a Bachelor's or Master’s degree at the University of Oulu. The scholarships will be granted in the form of a tuition fee waiver and the tuition fees and scholarships depend on the programme in question. Applicants can apply for the tuition scholarship as part of the admissions process.  

How to submit your documents

Familiarise yourself with our requirements concerning the documents you need for your application and ensure you have them verified correctly on time.

SAT Test Results / GMAT or GRE Test Results

Some programmes at the University of Oulu use SAT, GMAT or GRE tests in their student selections. Please read the selection criteria for your own programme carefully and ensure you complete the test on time to provide us with the results before the deadline. 

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