Five reasons to choose Marketing as a major

Marketers are in a continuous new learning cycle. Therefore, this blog discusses the five reasons why I chose Marketing as my major and why you should choose Marketing as your major.

Diverse career choice

First, I have not always been sure what kind of a working environment or specific job titles I would like to have in the future. So, personally, I wanted to choose Marketing as a major because of the diverse career choices. In the University of Oulu master's programme in Marketing, I have already faced several areas and disciplines.

As a marketing student (and a future marketing professional), I need to understand the basics from areas such as customer behaviour, business principles, customer psychology, sales, digital marketing, marketing management and service design. In the future, I should be able to apply my theoretical knowledge to practical tasks such as advertising, content creation, article writing and website creation. With a marketing degree, you are able to find a career that aligns with your skills and interests.

Not to forget, I was fascinated that this degree does not rule the possibilities to become an entrepreneur or a freelancer.


Second, I have dreamed of moving abroad and working outside of Finland in the future. I chose the master's in Marketing degree since it enables me to apply for work positions within the EU and worldwide.

The master's in Marketing offered by the University of Oulu is entirely taught in English, and it also provides international students the possibility to learn Finnish. I have carried out my bachelor's degree in English; therefore, I needed to continue my master's studies in the same language.

People & communication

Third, the Marketing field includes working and communicating with various people, so this career path is for individuals who enjoy interacting with others – since Marketing is a human field. Personally, I did not want to end up in an industry where I would work alone or not get in touch with customers.

During the Marketing programme, I have already met many new people, implemented several group works and participated in different workshops. If you end up choosing Marketing as your major, you are definitely going to be meeting a lot of new people.

Opportunity to use your own handprint and visuality

Fourth, the Marketing programme is suitable for people who want to combine their theoretical knowledge and visuality. The future jobs include a lot of practical tasks where you can leave your own handprint and use your own eye for visuality. I have always considered myself an artistic person, so this programme was an excellent choice for me.

I would recommend Marketing to people who are seeking programmes where they can implement their theoretical knowledge and visual qualities.

Marketing positions give you plenty of opportunities to be creative. So why wouldn't you choose a programme where this is possible?

Social media and the digital future

Fifth, our future is changing because of digital technology, and we are already interacting differently with customers and companies using digital solutions. Also, social media has become a part of our everyday lives and Marketing is a huge part of it.

Because of the digital future, marketers are in a continuous new learning cycle. New social media channels and digital tools enable successful performance in Marketing. So if you are interested in social media, constant learning and want to stay up to date concerning digitality, this professional field is for you! :)

About the author

Hanna Holappa from Finland is currently completing her master's degree in Marketing. She loves outdoor sports and nature, so Oulu is a perfect place for her and her dog to explore - and an incredible place to carry out her studies.