Must visit places in Oulu

Tervetuloa (Welcome) to the city of Oulu! Oulu is the capital of Northern Scandinavia and is known as a city of technology. From museums to beaches to architectural places, Oulu has everything all together
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Top 5 must visit places in Oulu

In this blog, I will share the top 5 must-visit places of Oulu and tell more details about the places. After reading this blog you will feel why Oulu has been given so much importance for cultural and traveling values. So why wait! Let’s start the search for travel and cultural spots of Oulu.

Did you know that Oulu has been announced as the European Capital of Culture in 2026 as an appreciation of an attractive gateway to northern nature and urban culture.

Tietomaa, Science Center

Oulu Museum of Art

The summer is already knocking on our doors! I hope you will visit these places in the first place and enjoy Oulu's beautiful sights.

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Fahmida Sarker comes from Bangladesh. She is pursuing her master’s in Epidemiology and Biomedical Data Science at the University of Oulu. She is a public and mental health enthusiast. On top of everything, she loves travelling and has already covered 21 countries.