Would you like to promote yourself and your career by studying Marketing?

Are you a curious, open-minded, and creative person? If yes, congratulations, studying Marketing is just for you! Is the answer no? No problem. You can learn to be one by studying this major!

Yellow signpost showing the location of the Oulu Business School at the Linnanmaa campus.

Coming to Oulu

I have always had a desire to experience new aspects of life. My friends who have continued their studies in Finland suggested me to meet my desire by coming to this country, and YES - I am now in my first semester of studying Marketing for my master’s degree.

Before going into Marketing specifically, what is worth mentioning is that you should enjoy the environment you choose to study in - otherwise, you may find your study time boring!

The beauty of Oulu’s nature is mesmerizing. The spectacular scenery, silence, clean air, and beautiful lakes are just some attractive parts of the city's amazing nature!

Why Marketing?

My previous studies were in Business Management and Management Information Systems. Before coming here, I had general knowledge of business, marketing, e-commerce, international business, and how we can use IT in these areas.

Regarding my interest in the field of Marketing, I decided to learn more specifically about it. As I mentioned, the University of Oulu provides special opportunities for you, even if you are international, so here I am!

Let me ask you some questions in advance:

  • Are you interested in business?
  • Do you enjoy interacting with different people?
  • Do you get fascinated by convincing others?

So, let’s think about studying Marketing at the University of Oulu!

Various courses will level up your knowledge in this field. You will learn about different marketing concepts in theory and in practice:

While doing your class projects, you will have this chance to gather data from companies by interviewing them! In this programme, you have an excellent opportunity to be active and use the innovative aspect of your brain to participate in class discussions, presentations, etc.

During some classes, guest lecturers from different universities or industries come face-to-face or online to the class, and you can learn from their experience and valuable information they provide.

It is not just about getting a master’s degree, it is about all the different and comprehensive skills you can brush up on by majoring in Marketing at the University of Oulu.

In our courses, we should usually work on our projects in groups. So, our teamwork skills are developing this way. We learn how to deal with teamwork challenges, which cannot be learned by just reading some tips about how it works!

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this beautiful rainbow in August.

Being an international student

Now, time to go into more details in case you are an international student. You can be sure that:

  • You will have different opportunities to get support in what challenges you
  • International communities you can join in and meet students with the same situation exist
  • So no worries, you are not alone here!

Now time to think again about what I asked previously: Would you like to promote yourself and your career? How about studying Marketing as an international student at the University of Oulu?

About the author

Saba Orfi from Iran is a first-year master’s student in Marketing at the University of Oulu. What inspires her is to gain various experiences in life and to think deeply outside of the box.