Applying for the title of Docent at the Faculty of Education and Psychology

The Faculty of Education and Psychology has an open call for applications for the title of Docent. Applications received by the end of February will be considered in March and those received by the end of August will be considered in September.

Title of Docent

According to section 89 of the Universities Act (558/2009), a university may by application grant the title of Docent to a person who has comprehensive knowledge of their own field, a capacity for independent research or artistic work as demonstrated by publications or some other manner, and good teaching skills.

In accordance with the recruitment guidelines and recruitment competence of the University, the Vice Rector may, on the proposal of the Dean of the Faculty, award the title of Docent to a person who meets the requirements of the University Act and in whose field a need exists in the faculty.

The Docent may participate in teaching, thesis supervision and examination, as well as in other university activities, as agreed in each case. A title of Docent is not a paid employment relationship.

Granting the title of Docent (pdf)

Further information

Further information on the matters related to docentship applications: Faculty's management team: .