The Hat and the Sword

The hat and sword are the insignia of a doctor at the University of Oulu.
Juhlamenojen ohjaaja ja yliairut lyövät miekat yhteen.

The Doctor's Hat

The doctor's hat is a symbol of liberty. Furthermore, it is a symbol of scholarship and freedom of research. The hat is round, because its wearer is supposed to answer questions clearly and naturally and not to split hairs.

A Young Doctor needs to order his/her hat by him/herself. In order to ensure availability, it is recommendable to place hat orders as soon as possible.

The hat shops are mainly located in Helsinki. The measurements for the hat can be taken beforehand. Thus, the actual hat orders can be confirmed after making decision considering participation to the Conferment Ceremony.

More information about the hats can be asked from your faculty's representatives of the Young Doctors.

The Hat and the Emblem

The exact appearance of the doctor's hat and emblem may vary according to university and discipline. When ordering your hat and emblem please give the hat maker exact details about your degree and your university.

Here follows a table of the hats and emblems used at the University of Oulu.



Doctor of Philosophy

Black Hat

Doctor of Education

Black Hat

Doctor of Medicine

Green Hat

Doctor of Dentistry

Green Hat

Doctor of Health Sciences

Black Hat

Doctor of Science in Technology (D.Sc. (Tech.))

The hat of a D.Sc. (Tech.)

Doctor of Science in Economics and Business Administration

Black Hat

Purchasing of the Hat

Hat Stores in Finland

E.R. Wahlmann Oy
Ateljee Lyoléne
Hattuateljee Memmu Lankila
Melanders Hattfabrik
Tohtorinhatut Harvest EB

Hattuliike Kristiina, only via e-email

Most of the hat stores are able to take measurements for the hat on request also in Oulu.

Information considering the prices of hats and swords can be found here: Prices of hats and swords

A Borrowed Hat

You can also borrow a doctor’s hat from a colleague for the ceremonies. Please ensure that the color of the hat and the emblem match the regulations for your field of science at the University of Oulu and that it is in excellent condition and the right size.

The Doctor's Sword

The Doctor's Sword is a symbol for the scientist's fight for what he or she, in rigorous research, has found to be good, right and true.

In Finland, the only sort of sword allowed in Conferment Ceremonies is the officially certified civilian sword of the independent republic of Finland. It comes with a black or golden clip and a scabbard with a golden University Emblem.

Doctors who are conferred are required to carry a sword in the Conferment Ceremony of the University of Oulu. The sword is worn on the left side; with a tailcoat the sword is worn in a clip, for which a sturdy loop needs to be sown in the trousers. The sword is held firmly in place by a clasp in the scabbard. With skirts and dresses the sword has to be carried in a manner suitable for the outfit because the material of the evening gowns cannot support the scabbard. If a doctor wearing skirt or dress does not want to carry the sword attached to one's outfit, it can be carried in hand. A Young Doctor needs to order his/her sword by him/herself

Previously conferred doctors do not carry their swords in this ceremony. Swords are only carried by Young Doctors, Honorary Doctors, Conferrers of Degrees, Master of Ceremonies and Chief Herald.

Purchasing of the Sword

Swords are also sold by these jeweler's shops:

Oulun Koru Oy
Au-Holmberg Oy

A Borrowed Sword

It is also possible to borrow a sword; military swords are not allowed.

The Transportation of the Sword in an Airplane

Swords and other sharp-edged weapons are transported in the cargo hold as registered luggage. The sword should be packed properly, preferably in their own transport box or package. The sword has to be reported in the check-in and it will go on record. These procedures belong to normal airport routines, and there is no surcharge on Finnair flights for the transportation of a sword or other special luggage unless the weight limit is exceeded. More information is available at the check-in of the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

For more information about doctor's hats and swords, please contact the representative of promovendi at your faculty.