The registration is closed.

228 young doctors, 21 honorary doctors and 10 jubilee doctors will be conferred in the 11th Doctoral Conferment Ceremony of the University of Oulu

Guidelines for the Registration

The registration is now open for the invited guests and for the invited staff of the University of Oulu. The registration for young doctors is closed. For registration, please select a right link according to your invitation.





Important: If you are a organizer of the festivities, please follow the registration instructions you have received by e-mail.

The registration is binding. Make sure that you have all the information needed when proceeding to the registration form (e.g. information concerning the Conferment Book–only Young Doctors and Honorary Doctors of 2022, invoice address, names and addresses of your accompanying person/s, special dietary restrictions, etc.). 

The fees can be paid with a credit card, through a Finnish online bank or by invoice (invoice fee of 10 € will be added). More information on the payment methods and terms can be found from the registration form.

Please read through the Cancellation Policy as well as the Data Privacy Notice below.

Registration Fees

Sword Whetting on Friday 27th of May 2022: 100 €/person

Doctoral Conferment Ceremony on Saturday 28th of May 2022: free of charge                   

Conferment Banquet and Ball on Saturday 28th of May 2022: 130 €/person

Sailing Trip on Sunday 29th of May 2022: 50 €/person

Attending the Conferment Ceremony as absent: 50 € (the given information will be published in the Conferment Book and the diploma will be sent after the event).

The Conferment Book

The Conferment Book 2022 will be published according to the information collected from the Young Doctors and Honorary Doctors of 2022. If you prefer not to have your information published in the Conferment Book, you have the right to leave the questions unfilled. 

We would kindly ask you to fill in the information asked on the registration form. Especially, we would request you to fill in the information concerning your doctoral thesis, faculty and diplomas. The following information will be asked from you on the registration form: 

Faculty in which your doctoral degree has been awarded.

Doctoral thesis.



Notable study trips.

Main occupations and posts.

Notable Positions of Trust.

Decorations, honorary distinctions and prizes, commemorative badges and medals.

Date of birth.

The printable instructions concerning the Conferment Book (pdf).

Accompanying Persons

The Young Doctors and Honorary Doctors of 2022 are welcomed to bring one main accompanying person to the Conferment Ceremony in the main festive hall, Saalastinsali. The accompanying person is also welcomed to the Sword-Whetting on Friday 27 May 2022, to the Conferment Banquet and Ball on Saturday 28 May 2022 and to the Sailing Trip on Sunday 29 May 2022.

In addition, the Young Doctors and Honorary Doctors of 2022 can register two additional accompanying persons who will watch the Conferment Ceremony in a separate L1-hall via live stream. Due to the restrictions of the venues the additional accompanying persons cannot attend the Conferment Ceremony in Saalastinsali, Sword Whetting or the Conferment Banquet and Ball.

Data Privacy Notice

Personal Data collected on the online form of the Doctoral Conferment Ceremony is processed for organising the 11th Conferment Ceremony of University of Oulu. The events related to the Conferment Ceremony are videotaped and photographed. The Doctoral Conferment Ceremony will also be live-streamed (live webcast). The Procession to the Oulu Cathedral will be yet filmed with a drone.

By attending to the event, you accept that you will be photographed and that the audio and video material may be used for the purposes described in the data privacy notice.

Please read carefully the data privacy notices below, which describe how the University of Oulu processes your and your companion’s personal data while organising the 11th Conferment Ceremony of University of Oulu. A data privacy notice for companions will be sent to the registered companions by e-mail. The privacy notice for the registered persons and participants can be found here and for companions here.

Cancellation Policy

Registration is binding. Notifications, amendments and cancellations must be made in writing (by e-mail) to info (at) . The fee for any amendments is 10 €/ registration. Should there be any mistakes in the given registration details, the fee for correction will be 10 €. 

Cancellations will be accepted until 1 April 2022 with a refund of all paid fees, less an administration charge of 50 €. The administration charge concerning the Sailing trip is 30 €.   After 1 April 2022 no refunds will be given.

Force Majeure, health related issues:

Should there occur an insuperable obstacle related to a registered person’s health, the registration fees will be refunded, less an administration charge. Cancellation must be made in writing (by e-mail) to info (at) and an official medical certificate must be presented. 

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact conferment.ceremony(at) In technical questions relating to the registration form, please contact info(at)



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