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Thank you for your interest in UNIC virtual courses organised at the University of Oulu. We are already thrilled to have you!

All courses are organised virtually and taught in English. Please note that the number of course slots is limited, so remember to register on time!


In order to process your application, we need to ask you a couple of important questions via this form. You can find our privacy note here to check on the privacy policies of the University of Oulu.

Are you already a student at the University of Oulu?

This form is only for the students from the UNIC partner universities, so there is no need for you to complete this form. Please log into Peppi and register to the course(s) normally with your student account.

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Please let us know by emailing us: unic.info@oulu.fi. We are glad to help you!

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Enrolment to UNIC courses

Below you can select the virtual courses you wish to participate. You can find the full course descriptions in UNIC Study Guide.

1st teaching period (19.8.–27.10.2024)

NB. registrations close on 15th September.

2nd teaching period (28.10.–31.12.2024)

NB. registrations close on 13th October.

Independent online courses

These courses do not require attendance, so you can choose a time convenient to you in order to carry out the course.