European University UNIC

Welcome to the European University UNIC (European University of Cities in Post-Industrial Transition)! European University Alliances are networks of higher education institutions in the European Higher Education Area, and they work together to benefit students, teachers, researchers, and the surrounding societies. The cooperation of the UNIC universities is long-lasting.


UNIC provides attractive education for diverse learners. When you study at the University of Oulu you will get the opportunity to take courses from the UNIC partner universities. UNIC has a joint course offering and collaboration in many different study fields by exchange and summer schools. On top of that, UNIC has joint programmes.

Furthermore, UNIC is developing a shared virtual campus between UNIC universities to enable education and research collaboration and studying in the partner universities.

UNIC offers

  • collaboration network that enables international mobility and skills development of students, researchers, and university staff.
  • joint degree programs, spring and summer schools and joint virtual course offering.
  • support and training for the development of education.

Through UNIC university alliance, degree students at University of Oulu can select courses from other European UNIC partner universities and include them in their degrees.

1) If you are Student from UNIC universities:

Please register to courses organised by UniOulu here.

2) If you are Student from UniOulu:

Through UNIC university alliance, degree students at University of Oulu can select courses from other European UNIC partner universities and include them in their degrees.

UNIC partner universities offer individual courses with varying topics. The available courses can be found on each partner university’s website, where the application procedure is also described. Find European UNIC courses.

Contact us in UNIC courses and virtual mobility related matters via email[at]

Engaged Research

Engaged Research enables research to have a better impact. Knowledge is not produced just for society, but instead, with the society and within the society.

The European University UNIC develops a framework and supportive systems for involving and engaging citizens, civil society, and public/city authorities in research and innovation. UNIC creates a truly European infrastructure for studying the questions and challenges of post-industrial cities.

Contact the Oulu UNIC4ER team by emailing[at]

  • UNIC Centre for City Futures Director, Sari Hirvonen-Kantola

City partners

The City of Oulu is the University of Oulu’s partner in the European University UNIC. It is dedicated to develop a dialogic relationship with its post-industrial city partners to address their questions, such as structural changes. In Oulu, they relate to the population growth and new opportunities in urban ecosystems. In post-industrial cities’ context, superdiverse people are considered a strength. In a smart city, knowledge management becomes a key approach, and the city is developed together with stakeholders.


CityLabs events address the challenges of changing cities through co-creation.

The UNIC European University includes

  • Bilbao, University of Deusto, Spain

  • Bochum, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany

  • Cork, University College Cork, Ireland

  • Istanbul, Koç University, Türkiye

  • Liège, University of Liège, Belgium

  • Zagreb, University of Zagreb, Croatia

  • Rotterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands (coordinator)

  • Oulu, the University of Oulu, Finland

  • Lodz, the University of Lodz, Poland

  • Malmö, Malmö University, Sweden

UNIC Oulu Team