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An estimated 200,000 Finns may suffer from memory-related diseases, and as the population ages, more of us are at risk. The most common progressive memory disease is Alzheimer's. There are no curative treatments available for Alzheimer's disease or other memory disorders.
Professor Vesa Kiviniemi in the 'brain cleaner' laboratory.

Breakthrough in Alzheimer's disease research

Professor Vesa Kiviniemi's research focuses on the glymphatic system in the brain. Its role is to clear the brain of waste materials, especially during sleep. A significant breakthrough was achieved in Alzheimer's disease research when Kiviniemi's research group managed to identify an anomaly in the glymphatic system's functioning in the brains of those suffering from the disease.

This discovery is crucial for understanding the mechanisms leading to Alzheimer's disease and may eventually help in preventing and treating the disease. Currently, researchers are working to find ways to enhance the glymphatic system's function and test treatments targeting it.

A brain cleaner to aid research and treatment development

With donation funds raised at the University of Oulu, a Focused Ultrasound (FUS) blood-brain barrier opening system, colloquially known as a ‘brain cleaner’, has been acquired for brain disease research. This high-quality equipment was installed at the Oulu University Hospital in the fall of 2023 and is currently in the testing phase. The device allows the exploration of various precision treatments and could be a critical step in developing curative treatments for conditions like Alzheimer's disease, as well as other neurological diseases.

By making a donation, you can support brain disease research

Donations and bequests have played a significant role in achieving breakthroughs in brain research, especially in Alzheimer's disease research. The acquisition of the FUS device enables new research opportunities.

Donations to brain research are still needed, as these funds can help expand the existing research team and support international collaboration related to research.

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Brain disease research at the University of Oulu

At the University of Oulu, significant research in the field of brain diseases is conducted in collaboration with Oulu University Hospital and the international research community. Research is carried out in various units, including the Oulu Functional Neuroimaging Research Group within the Research Unit of Health Sciences and Technology and the Research Unit of Clinical Medicine. The research aims to find ways of diagnostics, early detection, and treatment of brain diseases.

Questions and answers on 'brain cleaner'

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