State matched funding for donations in 2020–2022

On 15 June 2020, the University of Oulu launched a fundraising campaign that is eligible for state matched funding. During this campaign, each donated euro can bring in up to €2.5 matched funding for the university. The fundraising will continue until 30 June 2022.

State matched funding for donations in 2020–2022

To be eligible for state matched funding, the donation must be given to support the university’s operation in general without any conditions restricting its use. However, an individual donation of at least €10,000 may be allocated to a specific field of education with a deed of donation. The fields of education at the University of Oulu:

  • humanities

  • education and teacher training

  • business and economics

  • natural sciences

  • medicine

  • psychology

  • technology and

  • health sciences

By donating, the donor cannot restrict the use of other university funds. Only gratuitous monetary donations are eligible for state matched funding. Donating shares, real estate or other material gifts or intangible rights do not qualify for state matched funding. Legacies do not qualify for state matched funding.

The following are not eligible for state matched funding:

  • Donations from companies belonging to the university group, the university’s own funds or foundations adjacent to the university, such as scholarship foundations.

  • Donations from state-owned companies entrusted with special assignments.

  • Deviating from this, donations by state-owned commercial companies are eligible to state matched funding.

  • Donations from communities and foundations that traditionally support the operation of an individual university.

  • Donations from municipalities or companies and businesses that are either directly or indirectly owned by municipalities.

  • Donations from communities mainly financed by public funds (e.g. universities of applied sciences) or public corporations with the right to tax (e.g. parishes).

Deviating from this, donations from students’ unions and associations, as well as companies owned by them, and chambers of commerce, which are not publicly funded communities, are eligible to state matched funding.

The Government decides on the eligibility of donations. Universities will receive 2.5 times the amount of private capital they have collected, with a maximum of €67 million. State matched funding is allocated between different universities in proportion to the private capital they have collected, however, so that the amount of state matched funding for an individual university does not exceed €11 million. If the universities are not able to collect a total of €26.8 million entitling them to state matched funding, or if part of the donations are not allocated due the maximum limit for matched funding, the remaining capitalisation instalment will be divided between the universities in accordance with criteria on research effectiveness.