Support a student

You can support students by making a donation to enhance their working life skills and international mobility. We use the donations for student internship grants and student exchange grants.

Student internship

During an internship, students have the opportunity to build networks in the professional world and gain valuable work experience in their field. Internships enhance work life skills, provide fresh perspectives for choosing minors, and help in career planning. An internship can also turn into a student's future job.

In today's world, international competence is crucial in all fields, especially if the goal is to work in international positions in Finland or abroad. Interning abroad can be a significant step towards achieving this objective.

University of Oulu provides scholarships to support both domestic and international internships.

International student exchange

Going on an exchange is one of the best ways to acquire international experience and expertise. University of Oulu offers excellent opportunities to study at high-quality universities around the world.

All University of Oulu degree students have the option to go on an exchange and complete part of their studies at a foreign university. The duration of the exchange can be for one semester or a full academic year.

Studying abroad provides a broader perspective in one's field, improves language skills, and enhances cross-cultural communication abilities. Studies have shown that studying or interning abroad also develops many other skills highly valued by Finnish employers, such as curiosity, productivity, and perseverance.

How your donations help students

Internship grants make it possible for students to undertake internships with desired employers by covering a portion of the internship period's salary costs. You can contribute to supporting student internships by increasing the number of internship grants available through your donation. For example, donation sum of 1600 euros enables one three-month internship.

Every University of Oulu student going on an exchange through official exchange programs receives a travel grant according to the specific exchange program. Donations are used to support travel grants, for example for exchanges outside Europe.

Donate for students

By donating, you support students' internships and mobility.

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