Student collaboration

Collaborate with the students of the University of Oulu! You get up-to-date knowledge and a new perspective on your own needs. Student collaboration can be tailored to the needs of your company.

Degrees per year


Master's degrees


Bachelor´s degrees

Forms of cooperation

Student collaboration can mean, for example

  • Students do their bachelor’s or pro gradu thesis on a topic given by the company
  • Students are in summer jobs or doing an internship in a company
  • Company experts give guest lectures on the courses
  • Companies give tasks that are solved during the courses
  • Companies participate in events at the university
  • A graduate student gets a job in a company

Recruitment services

We have developed various formats for active recruiting and employer branding. You can achieve maximum visibility and easy access to our students with a Company Day premium service.

Advertising jobs and internships

Do you have a job offer, internship placement or a thesis subject for the student?

The JobTeaser recruitment service is used by the Universities of Oulu, Eastern Finland, Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Turku and Vaasa, and in Aalto, LUT and Tampere Universities, Hanken School of Economics, Åbo Akademi, and from early 2024, the University of Lapland.

JobTeaser offers you an efficient way to target a job or an internship advertisement, as well as a thesis work subject among university students, doctoral researchers, or recently graduated talents from all fields. For employers, advertising is free of charge.

One advertisement provides you with access to all eleven or just the selected universities. You may also focus your search to students of specific disciplines – and do not forget international degree students at the universities.

Before posting an ad, please check out the JobTeaser instructions, terms for publication and the list of universities' fields of education.

If you would need help with the JobTeaser service, please contact

Please note that JobTeaser is the only channel for employers to advertise jobs for students at the University of Oulu. We do not separately distribute job advertisements to our alumni or students via email or other channels.

Talent Boost -traineeship support

The University of Oulu supports companies and organizations when hiring international degree students for traineeships. Support for traineeships in Finland is granted to small and medium-sized enterprises (employing fewer than 250 people) as well as to public and third sector employers (organizations, foundations).

The traineeship support is 1 600 e / traineeship. The student applies for the support from the university before the start of the traineeship. The employer invoices the university after the traineeship period has ended.

Here’s how to utilize the support:

  1. Agree on the traineeship with the student.
  2. Make a traineeship agreement with the student and the university (you will receive the agreement electronically for signing).
  3. Send an invoice after the traineeship period ends. The support should be invoiced by the end of the year in which it was granted.

Read more about the criteria for traineeship support from the page Support for traineeship in Finland, For employer section.

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The University of Oulu’s Career Centre provides a link between companies and tomorrow’s young professionals: our students. Our services are designed to provide you with easy access to prospective employees or interns. You can also position your company as an attractive employer.

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