Brown Bag seminar: Future of the Arctic - How does climate change affect tourism and hydropower management in the Arctic?

Over the last four decades, the Arctic has warmed nearly four times faster than the rest of the Earth. The warming is already and will continue to significantly affect natural ecosystems and human communities in the Arctic as well as livelihoods and industries in the area. Join us at our next Brown Bag seminar on Tuesday 31 October from 11 am to 12 pm to hear more on how the future of tourism in the Arctic might look like and how climate change will affect hydropower in the Arctic. The seminar will be held in English.
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The speakers in this seminar are Alix Varnajot and Ritesh Patro. Patro is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Faculty of Technology. Patro has recently been nominated as an Artic Five Fellow. The Arctic Five is an alliance between the University of Oulu and four other Arctic universities to advance and share knowledge, education, and innovations for the development of a sustainable Arctic. Patro is currently focusing on Water-Food-Energy nexus for sustainable resources management in the Arctic environment and leads an Interreg Aurora project RE-HYDRO which aims to bring hydropower management to the 21st century. Patro will be discussing how climate change challenges the current hydropower management patterns in the Arctic and how to improve resiliency of hydropower for future.

Varnajot is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Faculty of Humanities. Varnajot has previously been involved in the Arctic Interactions research programme and has now joined the Biodiverse Anthropocenes research programme. His current work focuses on the future of Arctic tourism and the impacts of climate change on the tourism industry. With his research, he hopes to offer tools for Arctic destinations to navigate the changes and build resilience. Varnajot will be discussing how the future of tourism in the Arctic might look like as well as concepts such as dark tourism and last chance tourism.

Lunch will be served to registered participants attending the event on campus. For catering purposes, please register here by Friday 26 October at 12 pm

You can also participate via Zoom.

This autumn, we want to highlight the new Arctic Strategy of the University of Oulu in our Brown Bag seminars. The Arctic Strategy aims to address the challenges and opportunities in the Arctic by creating a sustainable arctic knowledge society. The spearheads of our Arctic Strategy are resilience and response ability, environment and one health, and natural resources and business. We have over 150 researchers specialicing in Arctic topics and we work actively in networks that co-operate in matters related to Arctic education and research.

In Brown Bag seminars, the researchers of University of Oulu get to introduce their favorite subjects to a multidisciplinary audience and have discussions across scientific borders. Brown Bag seminars are open for everyone.

Last updated: 20.10.2023