Day of European Languages

Welcome to celebrate the European Day of Languages ​​at the University of Oulu, Linnanmaa campus! The European Day of Languages is held to celebrate the richness of European languages and to communicate the significance of language skills.

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10–13 Stands & Café Lingua @Lounge in front of L6

Get to know different languages​, play board games, take part in language quizzes and practise languages.

13–14 Knit & Chat @Lounge in front of L6

Bring your knitting and come chat in English in a cozy environment. The casual conversation will be led by Heather Kannasmaa.

14–15 Test new conversation cards @Glass cubicle next to L9

Come test a set of new conversation cards that will be introduced to coffee rooms around the university. The cards are meant to support conversation amongst colleagues and are suitable for both Finnish language learners and natives. The conversation cards include questions, conversation openers, and sayings for coffee room conversations.

15–16.30 Panel discussion about the future of language skills @L4 and Youtube

What is the future of language skills? Come and listen to the panel discussion about the current state of the language landscape and future prospects.

Sign up for the panel by September 24. Coffee service for those who have registered from 14:30.


  • Janne Saarikivi, Docent
  • Johanna Pelkonen, CEO (Voice Intuitive)
  • Kati Laitinen, Head of Communication (European Commission Representation in Finland)
  • Floro Cubelo, Head of Degree Programme
  • Ferihan Çolak, student
  • Mohanad Alagheaber, entrepreneur

The panel is chaired by French language lecturer Maritta Riekki from the University of Oulu. The main language in the panel discussion is Finnish, and English is also used.

The event is organized by the Languages and Communication Unit (University of Oulu) and the Language Center (Oulu University of Applied Sciences).

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Last updated: 21.9.2023