European Day of Languages and the launch of the new language policy programme of the University of Oulu

The University of Oulu is a multicultural community where dozens of languages are spoken daily. The new language policy of the University of Oulu was published in August 2022.

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Main lobby (green coat racks), Linnanmaa campus

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We are introducing it to all the members of our community on the European Day of Languages, Monday, September 26, 11:00-14:00. Join us to celebrate and learn more about the multicultural and multilingual University of Oulu. Coffee and light snacks will be served to all visitors!

The event programme will include:

  • info on the new language policy programme and its implementation and
  • info on language learning opportunities at the University of Oulu
  • fun multilingual activities and competitions.

The event is organized in collaboration with Verba, Gieku, and ESN Oulu. The Library staff of the University of Oulu will offer information on how can books and library services best support your language learning journey. The UNIC staff will present a case study on their multilingual policy and related wins and challenges. The Finnish language teachers will offer information on the new Finnish courses for staff and students.

The European Day of Languages (EDL) on 26 September is celebrated across Europe. It promotes the importance of language learning and protecting our linguistic heritage.

The language policy programme in brief

The novel language policy programme clarifies the use of languages at the University of Oulu and promotes the inclusion of all members of the University community. It aims to ensure that everyone has equal access to information and can participate actively.

Finnish is the official language of governance in Finnish universities. However, the University of Oulu actively promotes the parallel use of Finnish and English in all its affairs. The University services are committed to operating in both Finnish and English. We also encourage the use of other languages in everyday situations, when possible.

The published language policy programme is a living document. All community members are welcome to participate in developing it further and implementing its actions! Faculties, units, and other groups can decide which combination of languages works best for them in everyday situations such as meetings.

The university encourages the whole community to develop language and communication skills further by taking part in studies and staff training. The European Day of Languages is an excellent opportunity to dive into multilingualism.

The whole document is available on the university website in Finnish and English.

Last updated: 22.9.2022