Language policy

The University of Oulu is a multicultural and multilingual community. The official administrative language of the University of Oulu is Finnish. As an international university, the University of Oulu promotes the parallel use of Finnish and English in all its affairs. The use of other languages is viewed as beneficial and encouraged. The University of Oulu has a nationwide responsibility to organise studies and research in and of Saami languages and culture.

Purpose and objectives

The purpose of the language policy is

  1. to clarify the use of languages at the University of Oulu
  2. to promote the inclusion of all members of the university community and the accessibility of information
  3. to maintain high standards of academic communication
  4. to support competitiveness, collaboration and impact, both nationally and internationally
  5. to encourage the university community to develop language and communication skills.

Language policy programme

This language policy programme highlights methods through which the University of Oulu influences the status and use of languages in the university community. In this programme, the university community refers to students and employees of the University of Oulu.

In the event of discrepancies between the Finnish and English versions of this document, the Finnish version will prevail.

Implementation and monitoring

The language policy of the University of Oulu was formulated in 2022. This is a living document that will be continuously improved and developed following the principles of the university. An annual questionnaire will be sent to all university community members. The Unit for Strategy and Science Policy monitors the implementation of the practices recommended by the language policy and reviewing possible feedback. Feedback should be submitted to

Each faculty and research unit has the flexibility of adopting more specific regulations under the guidance of this policy. Each faculty and unit is responsible for overseeing the implementation of this language policy at its level.

Language policy working group:
Eva Maria Raudasoja (chair), Director of the Extension School
Jari Sivonen, Professor of Finnish Language
Wei Cao, Associate Professor of Materials Physics
Jaana Isohätälä, Service Manager of Languages and Communication
Maria-Anca Catana (until 31 July 2021), student
Vivek Swamy, studen

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