Fair Play at Work

Welcome to an open for all event about the rights and obligations of working life. Understanding the ground rules of working life can help you avoid many problems. Through these common practices, we can guarantee a fair working life for us all.

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Tellus Stage

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Reliable information on the contracts, procedures and terms of working life is important throughout your career, particularly in the beginnings of working life. This guide provides you with basic information on working life. You can also use it to easily check what you have to take into account in a new job or a new situation. You can sometimes encounter questions or problem situations in which you need additional advice. When you need more information or assistance, remember the address www.FairPlayAtWork.fi.

Join us on Linnanmaa Campus and learn, what these rules are and what you could gain from them. Fair Play at Work event is open for all, no matter the current status of your work life. Students, staff and those looking for work welcome! You do not have to register for this event.

Linnanmaa Campus, Tellus Stage on the 18th of April 9-12.

9:00 Presentation in Finnish with a Q&A session

10:30 Presentation on English with a Q&A session

This event is organised by the Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK) The event is organized by the Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions SAK.


Last updated: 28.2.2023