The final webinar of the AMET project

The final webinar of the AMET project will be held on 27.9.2021 at 9:00-10:30 (UTC+3). The webinar showcases the research and development results of steel industry SMEs participating in AMET.
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AMET is a joint project formed by eleven industrial and two research partners, in which artificial intelligence (AI) and platform-based solutions are developed for the metallurgical industry. The project aims to establish a sustainable ecosystem covering the entire value chain from applied and basic research as all the way to product development and industrial production. The application areas of the project are selected steelmaking processes, but developed systems are applicable also to other metallurgical processes and other fields of industry. The objective is to develop industrial scale process monitoring and expert systems for selected processes, such as electric arc furnace, continuous casting, rolling, roll forming of tubes and production different metal products. The industrial parties provide the specifications for the key components and subsystems that are developed and investigated jointly by the industrial and research parties. The project enables the strategic renewal of the metal refining industry through platform economy, improves the competitiveness of SMEs, and promotes the growth of the export business of companies utilizing platform economy.

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Last updated: 16.9.2021