Generations' Lab - international solutions to local challenges and Future Fest!

International student teams, coming partly from the UNIC alliance universities, have thought over tough challenges of the future (and today). Join us to hear what solutions can be found from the outside of the box! 

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More health-safe restaurants? More sustainable event organizing? The future of mobile paying? These and other real-life challenges given by the participating companies get their solutions when students from the Generations’ Lab -course present their ideas stemming from the perspectives of design thinking, art thinking, and future orientation. The host of the event is Simo Kekäläinen.

All the 165 online course seats were taken, and the students have many positive things to say, read more here

As intermission art performances we get to hear music by Kas Kan and poetry by Katariina Sarja. Welcome!

You can follow the event on the Youtube channel of the University of Oulu on a browser or Youtube app. More information in the Facebook event

Last updated: 7.5.2021