Healthy environment – healthy people project starts in an open discussion event in Cultural Centre Valve, Oulu

Healthy environment – healthy people: a virtual cultural bus starts in Oulu. Argumenta project funded by the Finnish Cultural Fund and coordinated by the Kvantum Institute, Healthy environment – Healthy people starts with an open discussion and culture event in Oulu 17.1.23. The primary language of the event is Finnish.

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Cultural Centre Valve, Oulu

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Healthy Environment – Healthy People project aims at a comprehensive perspective in the context of the integration of environmental health and the exploitation of natural resources and digitalisation as a whole. The project will discuss, how human resistance to diseases arises and changes and how our relationship with nature affects the emergence of pandemics. The second entity of the project deals with the roles of the regions in the sustainable transition and their reflections on well-being. How does the change in the relationship with nature affect the type of community structure you want to live in? The third section deals with the digital transformation of the natural connection. Have we been separated from our natural roots by urbanisation and interaction through the networks? What about the new opportunities offered by digital solutions? Does our leap across the digital divide also help to cross other distances and restore our natural connection, contact with each other, ourselves and our experiences?

Please note: The primary language of the event is Finnish.

Tentative progamme: Healthy Environment – Healthy People Themes and Experts Presentation

17.1.23 at 13.00 – 15.30 Cultural Centre Valve, Restaurant Paljetti

Panel discussions under the themes. The host of the panels: Journalist, PhD Petri Laukka

13.00 - 13.30 Health and well-being effects of the environment. Speakers: R&D Manager Saara Laitinen, SPR Blood Service; Senior Researcher, Docent Ilkka Väänänen, LAB University of Applied Science; Professor Arja Rautio, University of Oulu, Thule Institute; Professor Seppo Vainio, panel chair, University of Oulu, Kvantum Institute

13.40 - 14.10 Consumption and ecological sustainability of natural resources. Speakers: Director Vesa Nuolioja, Pro Agria, Oulu; MM, farmer Markus Eerola, Knehtilän tila; Research Professor Katri Kärkkäinen, LUKE, Research Director Jussi Paakkari, panel chair, University of Oulu, Kvantum Institute

14.20 - 14.50 Digital transformation of the natural connection. Speakers: Director, Docent Marko Jäntti, CEMIS; Research Director Marja Matinmikko-Blue, University of Oulu, Infotech; Professor Mikko Sams, Aalto University; Research Director Jussi Paakkari, panel chair, University of Oulu, Kvantum Institute

14.50 - 15.10 General discussion and comments from public

15.10-15.30 Music performance. Composer Timo Kiiskinen, Guitar work inspired by the Finnish national epic Kalevala

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