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At its meeting on 16 December 2021, the Board of Directors of the University of Oulu discusses the Oulu city campus project plan. The project plan contains the operational, technical and economic objectives set for the new building, to be located in Raksila. Welcome to hear about the plan and the future steps on Friday, 17 December. 
Viitteellinen näkymä Oulun yliopiston keskustakampuksesta Ratakadun suunnalta kohti Raksilan markettien aluetta. Kohteesta tullaan järjestämään arkkitehtuurikilpailu.

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The info is open to the University of Oulu staff and students and is organized

  • in Finnish at 9.30 am and
  • in English at 12.00 noon

Zoom link: (Zoom will ask your email address)

Background information on project planning

On 28 April 2020, the Board of Directors of the University of Oulu decided to launch project planning for the Oulu city campus. Since summer 2021, project planning has been done strongly through the university's faculties. Each faculty as well as students and library has had their own representative in the project planning group who has involved people in the planning. In addition, community needs, and ideas have been mapped through interviews, workshops and surveys. In December, one possible solution will be presented to enable the board to assess the project's boundary conditions. At this point, the details of the project plan are not final at this stage.

In addition, the project plan includes a separate planning reservation report which is connected to Raksila's supermarket lot. The planning reservation report will be delivered to the City of Oulu by 31 December 2021 for the start of the land use change.

The City Campus would be ready for use in 2028. More detailed planning of the building and decisions on financing and construction would take place in 2022–2025.

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Last updated: 17.12.2021