InnoVisitor – Company contract research to execute a company’s strategy

Does your company have challenges without solutions? Do you need the aid of the state-of-the-art research data? Did you know that contract research ordered by companies are constantly made in University of Oulu? Contract research can be, for example, conducted surveys, analyzing samples, and development of novel technologies.

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Innovation Centre, Linnanmaa campus (1st floor, to the right from door R) / Teams

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We welcome your company to University of Oulu Innovation Centre’s InnoVisitor event “Company contract research – to execute a company’s strategy”! Our guests Jari Hulkkonen from Nokia and Antti Tölli from University of Oulu CWC open the process from business and research perspectives.

You'll be hearing, among other things,

  • What does contract research mean? What does it require from a company and university researchers?
  • What is the goal of contract research? What is a successful contract research project? Who owns the IPR created in the project?
  • What motivates companies into acquiring know-how from university?
  • How does a researcher benefit from collaboration with a company?
  • How does a contract research fit with other research fundings and publication targets?

You can participate remotely by Teams. Event is held in English if needed. No preregistration.

Read more about contract research from University of Oulu website.

Last updated: 14.3.2023