InnoVisitor: Social innovations, what are they?

InnoVisitor is a networking event for researchers and stakeholders. Interesting guests, new information and networking by the theme "from research to innovation".

The event is held in Innovation Centre's Olohuone (some snacks included!). There is also a possibility to remote participation. No preregistration.

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Innovation Centre, Linnanmaa campus (1st floor, to the right from door R) / Teams



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In the first InnoVisitor events of the year we have visitor Niina Karvinen (Specialist (RDI), social entrepreneurship, Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak)).

At the same time, when there is a consensus in the field of social innovations that the concept is still unestablished, both among actors, political decision-makers and the research community, there is also an increasing consensus in the field that, for example, technological innovations alone cannot solve social and economic problems, problems that modern societies face. Some studies even claim that the last decades have shown that the innovation-driven growth of companies has failed to create a socially and environmentally sustainable future, as a result of which, e.g. population movement (migration), social inequality, and environmental degradation have increased.

In June (2023), the European Commission recommended concrete measures to support the cooperative and community economy, where people, social and environmental issues are put first before profit. The goal is to create favourable conditions for collective and community economy organizations to succeed and grow and, at the same time, to increase awareness of their possibilities, as an example, especially the creation of high-quality jobs and the support of innovation and social inclusion.

But what are we talking about when we talk about social innovation? Come and learn more in the first InnoVisitor of the year!

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Last updated: 17.1.2024