LongITools Clean Air Debate, Sept 29 (webinar)

LongITools, H2020 project coordinated by the University of Oulu, is arranging a series policy forum online events on different topics related to the project. The first event is on 29th September at 18:00 Finnish time, and focuses on air, air pollution, and health.
Kuvituskuva: Drawn landscape illustrating the contrast between air pollution and clean energy, Factory, windmills, cars, houses, hills

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The Clean Air Debate: The Lifelong Impact of Air Pollution

The aim of this forum, the second in a series of events to connect science and policy, is to ensure effective, bi-directional dialogue and exchange of information between policy stakeholders and researchers. Organised by the LongITools project, the ultimate aim is to bridge the gaps between science, citizens and policy.

This forum will specifically focus on air pollution and its effects across the life-course. The presentations will cover the challenges of air pollution and the research being undertaken by LongITools. An informal discussion will then follow, looking at air pollution at a local level.

Aimed at local government health and environment policymakers, European and national policy research organisations, intermediaries such as patient participation groups, and citizens, the benefits of attending include an opportunity to network and engage with other policy and research stakeholders, and share knowledge and best practice.

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Last updated: 24.9.2021