Mastering Metal Fatigue

Not to get lost in the forest of metal fatigue! Explore the topic with the world’s leading expert and deepen your understanding.
Metal processing, Materials and Mechanical Engineering unit

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Saalasti hall, University of Oulu



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Welcome to the insightful seminar on Metal Fatigue!

World’s leading expert in the field, Professor Emeritus Yukitaka Murakami from Kyushu University, Japan gives presentations about different perspectives of metal fatigue.

By attending the event you can

🞄 Gain insights into the fundamentals, observation, reality, and misconceptions surrounding Metal Fatigue
🞄 Explore mechanics, materials, defect problems, and industry challenges through engaging sessions and real-life case studies
🞄 Network with fellow professionals and experts during coffee breaks and free discussions
🞄 Enjoy a delightful dinner at Hotel De Gamlas Hem to wrap up the day's learnings!

The event is hosted by Global Boiler Work Oy in collaboration with the University of Oulu.

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Last updated: 26.4.2024