Open historical church excursion

Experience the cultural history of the Oulu region! During the excursion, we will get to know three old churches and the secrets they hold within.
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Welcome to an open cultural-historical excursion!

We will visit Haukipudas Church, Oulu Cathedral, and the old church of Kempele. The tour will be guided in English and in Finnish by three archaeological experts, who will tell about the archaeological research done on the sites.

The event is non-denominational and everyone who is interested in the subject is welcome to join free of charge.

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The event is student-led and supported by Talent Boost Bottom up internal funding. We wish to have a diverse group of participants, including the students and staff of the Univeristy.

Start time and schedule will be announced to participants later. Lunch is not included in excursion. Light snacks will be served to participants during bus tour.

Contact or questions: talentboost(at)

Keep your registration confirmation email, you will need to show the email upon the start of the tour.

Note! The topics on the historical tour include death and archaeological remains. If you are sensitive to these topics, keep this in mind while registering!

The event is free of charge, student-led, and supported by Talent Boost Bottom up internal funding.

Last updated: 13.9.2023