Participate and influence in the University of Oulu

How can you affect the everyday life of the university community and the future of the University of Oulu? What kind of issues are decided on in the Board of Directors and the University Collegium? What is it like to represent staff and students?

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The elections are approaching and we invited representatives of students and staff to the studio to tell their experiences. At the event, we will meet Lecturer Jukka Hiltunen from the Board of Directors and Strategy Officer Sirpa Aalto and Student Miriam Putula from the University Collegium. The discussion is hosted by Student Emma Hulkkonen. The language of the discussion is Finnish and you can follow the English simultaneous interpretation on Zoom (see the instructions below).

The Administration Elections for staff and the Student Council Elections for students will be held in autumn 2021. With the Administrative Elections, staff and professors elect their representatives to the University Board of Directors, the University Collegium and the Faculty Boards. The student representatives for University administration are elected by the Student Council and the Board of OYY. The two student representatives to the University Board and the student representatives to the University Collegium are elected by the Student Council, other student representatives are elected by the Board of OYY.

The event is organised by the University of Oulu and the Student Union of the University of Oulu.


How to listen to the English simultaneous translation

PLEASE NOTE! Make sure you have the latest version of the Zoom app (or at least Zoom version 5.2.2)

  1. When the host of the webinar will start the interpretation session, you will see the Interpretation function in the webinar controls.
  2. Click Interpretation icon. The icon looks like a globe. If you cannot see the interpretation option, check the ellipsis [...] menu to see the options that do not fit in the visible options.
  3. Choose “English” from the language menu.

You will hear the interpreter translating and the voices in Finnish in the main channel are fainted. If you don’t want to hear the faint sound of the Finnish language speech, choose “Mute Original Audio”.

For more information, see Zoom’s own instructions.

Last updated: 14.9.2021