Pesti Career Day 2024

Pesti Career Day is the largest recruiting event in the Northern Finland, bringing job seekers and employers together.

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Linnanmaa campus, University of Oulu



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Pesti is organized annually at the Linnanmaa campus of the University of Oulu. The event is organised by Teekkarilupi Oy in cooperation with the Faculty of Technology and Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering.

Job seekers have an excellent opportunity to discuss with recruiting experts, network, and acquire useful tips for planning their own career and practical advice to support their application processes. Pesti has free entrance, so everyone searching for a place to work and studying their career possibilities are welcome to participate!

The Company database is now open for students. This year, more than 115 companies are present at Pesti Career Day. Students can familiarize themselves with these companies in advance at Pesti’s company database. The companies have filled in information to the database e.g. about their business activities and recruitment. Companies suitable for your field and year of study can also be filtered in the company search to make the searching process more efficient.

Last updated: 9.1.2024