Public event: 60 years of research in the Northern Finland Birth Cohorts

The Northern Finland Birth Cohorts and Research Unit of Population Health are organising a public event alongside the fifth Paula Rantakallio Symposium on 12th of June. The event will be held in Finnish.

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Leena Palotie auditorium, Kontinkangas campus, University of Oulu (Aapistie 5 A, Oulu)



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During the event, speakers from different medical research fields will discuss studies utilising data from the Northern Finland Birth Cohorts of 1966 and 1986. A speech from the study participant point of view will also be given. Following the presentations, coffee and pulla will be served, providing attendees with an opportunity to meet the speakers.

The event is free of charge and will be conducted exclusively in Finnish.

We warmly welcome all everyone who is interested in the topic!

Day: 12th of June 2024

Time: presentations at 17:30–19:00 and coffee and networking at 19:00–20:00

Place: Leena Palotie auditorium, Kontinkangas campus, University of Oulu (Aapistie 5 A, Oulu)


Terhi Piltonen, Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oulu University Hospital

Kirsi Sipilä, Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry and Stomatognathic Physiology, University of Oulu

Raija Korpelainen, Professor of Health Exercise, University of Oulu and Oulu Deaconess Institute

Leena Ala-Mursula, Professor of Occupational Health, University of Oulu

Minna Ruddock, Research Director of the Northern Finnish Birth Cohorts

Please note that the program is subject to change. Any updates will be posted on this page.

The event will be recorded and available on the University of Oulu YouTube channel. The specific address will be added on this page after the event.

Last updated: 5.4.2024