SATY Conference: Atherosclerosis, Fibrosis, and Digital Health at the Interchange of Health and Disease

The annual conference of the Finnish Atherosclerosis Society (SATY ry) 2024 will be organized at the Pikisali, Oulu City Theatre. Welcome!

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Oulu City Theatre, Kaarlenväylä 2, 90015 Oulu



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Welcome to the Annual Conference of the Finnish Atherosclerosis Society (SATY ry) 2024! The event takes place at the wonderful Pikisali, Oulu City Theatre in Oulu, Finland from June 10th to June 11th.

Join us for a dynamic two-day event themed: "Atherosclerosis, Fibrosis, and Digital Health at the Interchange of Health and Disease" co-organized by SATY and the University of Oulu PROFI themes DigiHealth, 6GESS, and Fibrobesity. This top-notch academic conference offers a prime opportunity to delve into the latest advancements in cardiovascular research.

Come engage in stimulating discussions, discover groundbreaking insights, and connect with fellow scholars shaping the future of healthcare. Don't miss out – secure your spot at the SATY ry 2024 conference today!

Event Program

Day 1: June 10 (12 PM - 4 PM)

Session: Artery Disease and Genetics/Metabolomics

  • Juha Kere, Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm, Sweden): “Genetic Data – What Can It Give, and What Not”
  • Minna Karjalainen, University of Oulu, Population Health: “Genome-wide Characterization of Circulating Metabolic Biomarkers”
  • Peter Meikle, University of Melbourne and Monash University (Australia): “Combining Lipidomic and Polygenic Risk Scores for Reclassification of Intermediate Cardiovascular Risk.”

+ Talks based on submitted abstracts

Evening Delight: Join us for a dinner and networking!

Day 2: June 11 (9 AM - 3:30 PM)

Session: Residual Risk in Ischemic Heart Disease

  • Seppo Lehto, Lapland Central Hospital and University of Oulu: “Modern Lipid Treatment and Residual Risk”

+ Talks based on submitted abstracts

Session: Digital Care Pathways in Ischemic Heart Disease

  • Satu Peltonen, Kuopio University Hospital and University of Eastern Finland: “How to Improve Patient Care with Digital Solutions in Ischemic Heart Disease – Kuopio Experience”
  • Harri Silvola, Oulu University Hospital and University of Oulu: “How to Improve Patient Care with Digital Solutions in Ischemic Heart Disease – Oulu Experience”
  • Teppo Virkkula, Onnikka Health Oy: “Weight Management with Onnikka Mobile App”

+ Talks based on submitted abstracts

Session: Role of Cardiac Fibrosis in Sudden Cardiac Death

  • Juhani Junttila, University of Oulu: “Myocardial Disease in Sudden Cardiac Death”
  • Antti Saraste, University of Turku: “Imaging of Myocardial Fibrosis”

+ Talks based on submitted abstracts

Session: Inflammatory Origins of CVD Risk?

  • David Burgner, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, (Australia): “Communicable Disease Meets Non-communicable Disease: Opportunities for CVD Prevention Across the Life Course.”

+ Talks based on submitted abstracts

Oral and poster presentations

Oral and poster presentations will be selected from abstracts, allowing young researchers to present their exciting research. The conference represents a broad spectrum of basic, translational, and clinical research ranging from cellular lipid trafficking and lipoprotein metabolism to genetic causes of cardiovascular disease. You can shape the final program by submitting an abstract!

Submit your abstract and participate in the exhilarating oral and poster presentations segment. This is your chance to contribute to and shape the conversation in our dynamic field!

Abstract submission guidelines

The deadline for abstract submission is April 30th, 2024.

The abstract should be written in English, on one A4 page, using Word, single line-spacing, and Times New Roman font size 12 or Arial font size 11.


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Authors (presenting author underlined)

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The Departments/Institutes of the authors

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Abstract text

Abstracts submission in Webropol:

The presentations and discussions will be held in English. The final program compiled from the submitted abstracts will be e-mailed to you at the beginning of June.

Register Now – Secure Your Spot!

Registration by Webropol:

In addition to contact details, we will need the information regarding your attendance at dinner.

Registration includes complimentary access to the conference, dinner on the first day, and lunch on the second day.

IMPORTANT: To avoid no show-up, no cancellations for the dinner, we will charge 50 euros for the unused dinner card, as there is a limited number of seats available.


For further inquiries, contact Tuire Salonurmi ( or Anna-Kaisa Ruotsalainen (

Join us in Oulu to share your insights and contributions vital to our collective success. We look forward to seeing you in Oulu!

Last updated: 27.3.2024