Storytime for the Faculty of Science: Terhi Pohjamo

You can join the show on Instagram account @UniOulu on Wednesday the 16th of June at 3 PM. Terhi will be interviewed by Niko Sallanko, a member of board in Sigma ry.

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Instagram: @unioulu

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Terhi graduated from the Faculty of Science in 2001, majoring in biophysics. She also studied medical engineering and math, French and signal processing. She spent her exchange in Graz, Austria.

She has been working in European Patent Office since 2002 as patent examiner. She decides whether an invention gets a patent or not. Her international experience proved valuable as now she works in English, German and French. Join us and learn, what it is like to work in European Patent Office!

The discussion will be in Finnish.

Storytime events are free and open for all. These events are targeted for students and aim to help in planning one’s own career. If you have a good speaker in mind or wish to know more, please contact

Last updated: 9.6.2021