UNICafé Lingua meets Aurora

UNIC celebrates Europe Day 2022 in cooperation with the Aurora alliance. We want to invite
you not only to improve your language skills but also to connect with other European students.

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14 Languages - 14 Countries - 2 European Universities: UNICafé Lingua meets Aurora

We are happy to announce a special edition of our UNIC online language café for students: UNICafé Lingua meets Aurora - a collaboration between the European University alliances UNIC and Aurora.

With member universities from Iceland, Denmark, Italy, and the Czech Republic, Aurora adds even more language variety to the UNICafé Lingua!

Broaden your horizon and join us on Zoom to celebrate multilingualism on Europe Day!

To join the Zoom meeting, visit the webpage of the Ruhr Universität Bochum (scroll down and click on the button "Online Sprachcafé").

Please find the full event announcement on the UNIC's webpage.

Last updated: 3.5.2022