Uniikkia Oulusta: Bird or fish – does the DNA barcode tell the truth?

The barcode technology can serve various purposes: at store checkouts, it enables the automatic reading of product information, and it also benefits biodiversity when each Finnish species aims to have its own DNA barcode tag based on its genome. What makes this work unique?
Pinkillä pohjalla teksti Uniikkia Oulusta ja ympärillä erilaisia piktogrammeja.

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There are dozens of millions of animal, plant, and fungal species in the world, depending on how they are counted, and so far, only about two million of them have been identified. The process of species identification is laborious for researchers, and distinguishing species based solely on their appearance is nearly impossible. Senior Curator Marko Mutanen sees barcode technology as the most practical way to determine species. Could ordinary nature enthusiasts soon use barcode technology to identify species as well?

Uniikkia Oulusta – Unique from Oulu is a science series where researchers from the University of Oulu talk about their current research. The episodes also visit fascinating research environments.

Uniikkia Oulusta: Bird or fish – does the DNA barcode tell the truth? will be published on Wednesday 31 May at 12 noon on the University of Oulu's YouTube channel. All you need to watch the broadcast is a web browser or a YouTube app on your phone. You can choose the subtitle language.

The series will also be published in the City of Oulu's online magazine Mun Oulu.

Last updated: 31.5.2023