Uniikkia Oulusta: Could Finland survive in a cyber war?

Vital knowledge in all walks of life is now found in information networks. Networked society is vulnerable to cybercriminal attacks, which is why securing society and citizens' activities in information networks has recently become increasingly crucial. What kind of threats are currently facing Finland and how should one protect against them? What kinds of targets in Oulu and the everyday life of average people are the most vulnerable?
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Cybercriminals frequently vandalize socially important targets, such as blocking ministries' websites with denial-of-service attacks. What is harmless teasing so far, and when do attacks have critical effects on vital functions? Professor of Cybersecurity Kimmo Halunen explains what society and the individuals should be prepared for and gives the best instructions for protection.

Uniikkia Oulusta – Unique from Oulu is a science series where researchers from the University of Oulu talk about their current research. The episodes also visit fascinating research environments.

Uniikkia Oulusta: Could Finland survive in a cyber war? will be published on Wednesday 7 June at 12 noon on the University of Oulu's YouTube channel. All you need to watch the broadcast is a web browser or a YouTube app on your phone. You can choose the subtitle language.

The series will also be published in the City of Oulu's online magazine Mun Oulu.

Last updated: 6.6.2023