Uniikkia Oulusta: How healthy is a Finnish woman?

Women have always been under-represented in drug and disease research, and it is only in the last twenty years that the pharmaceutical industry, for example, has started to invest more in women's health.
Information on women's health has been scarce. What health challenges do Finnish women face?

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Professor Terhi Piltonen is leading a major women's health survey on the factors affecting women's well-being and reproductive health. The results of this unique research offer an interesting insight into the lives of Finnish women. The study found that gynaecological problems are common among women.

Uniikkia Oulusta is a science series in which researchers from the University of Oulu report on their current research. The episodes also include visits to fascinating research environments.

Uniikkia Oulusta: How is the Finnish woman? will be published on Wednesday 24 May at 12 noon on the University of Oulu's YouTube channel. All you need to watch the broadcast is a web browser or a YouTube app on your phone. You can choose the subtitle language.

The series will also be published in the City of Oulu's online magazine Mun Oulu.

Last updated: 24.5.2023