UniOulu Science Day Satellite Event: Living Science Library, 11am to 12:30pm

Science isn’t a dusty old thing, but very much alive and kicking! Let us celebrate this ever-changing and wonderfully diverse field together in our Living Science Library!

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Tellus Linnanmaa lobby

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In our Living Science Library, we wish to show the multitude of research done at the University of Oulu and tell the stories of our researchers. Would you like to know, what it feels like to work in different parts of the globe? How did our professors and researchers start their careers in academia? How to get going with your doctoral studies?

Here you can meet experienced researchers and hear how they've made their way in academia, and you are free to ask about their thoughts on issues that are topical to you. Living Science Library is inspired by the concept of the Human Library, which creates a space for open dialogue. Here humans become the books that anyone interested can borrow, and they will tell their stories and answer the questions that arise. A Living Science Book will talk about their research and career in science to interested library visitors from students to professors. The visitors can ask questions and advice, discuss their ideas with the books, and get inspired by their stories.

The event is part of the UniOulu Science Day.

Last updated: 7.9.2023