Unique Oulu adventure game

An exciting urban adventure game with amazing prizes is coming to the city center of Oulu! Your puzzle-solving skills and knowledge of Oulu will be challenged in the game, in addition to which the players will get a chance to influence what Oulu could look like in the future. The enjoyable route will take you through the historic sites and coastal landscapes of Oulu. The urban adventure can be played solo or as a group.
Graphic drawing of a treasure map. The white map has a dotted-line drawn route, on which there is a biking character, two red x’s to mark treasure, orange trees, a yellow house and a character with its arms raised towards the sky. The picture has the text: Unique Oulu adventure game, 1st to 31st of July 2022 / Oulu. Logos of the city of Oulu, the Oulu2026 project, Oulu Business Center, University of Oulu and UNIC. Co-funded by the European Union Erasmus+ programme.

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Kirkkokatu 17, 90100 Oulu

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The Unique Oulu adventure game will be playable from the 1st of July until the month’s end and can be played at any time of the day. The approximately four-kilometer route begins at Rotuaari square and ends in Snellman Park. Depending on the pace of your group, it is good to reserve at least two hours for the route. For the game, you will need the ActionTrack mobile app, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play -store or the App Store. The game can be played in Finnish and English.

The game is developed in collaboration with the City of Oulu, the Oulu2026 project, and the Oulu Business Center. In addition to testing your puzzle-solving skills, knowledge of Oulu, and creativity, the game allows you to participate in the development of the city and take a peek into the future of a unique Oulu.

Amazing prizes will be drawn among those who play and leave their contact information!

The game was first released in June as part of the UNIC CityLabs festival, where researchers, students, and partners from eight European universities worked together to solve the challenges of the future of post-industrial cities.

  1. Make sure you have your phone’s location switched on.
  2. Download the ActionTrack application from App Store or Google Play (available for Android and iOS phones). Run ActionTrack.
  3. Approve the game requests including using GPS location, phone sound, and photos.
  4. Type in your start code: abd18c99 (for the Finnish version use: 4b47a240)
  5. Download and press “Start now”
  6. Type in your nickname or the name of your team to the “Who are you?” box.

The course of the game
  • In the game, you search for checkpoints that you see on the map and carry out the given tasks, such as quiz questions. You are the little avatar that moves on the map accordingly as you move around.
  • The Checkpoints are marked on the map and the task starts when you reach the checkpoint and activate the task. Note that some of the questions have a time limit! The app does not give you the amount of the tasks you have already done – nor the ones yet to be done.
  • It’s not advised to set a checkpoint as a target (choose cancel, if the app suggests this), otherwise, you are forced to complete that chosen checkpoint next and can’t do any others on the way there!

In case of any problems:

If the app for some reason freezes during the game:

  • Open the menu from the lower part of the screen (arrow icon) and go to the main menu by choosing the green button: YES
  • Find the game from the Running tab and you can continue playing. In some cases, it takes shutting down the app and starting it up again to unfreeze the game. You can always return to your game again from the Running tab.

If the map is not functioning properly:

  • Make sure you have your location switched on.
  • You can also try switching Wi-Fi on / off. You should try both settings.

Further information:

Jarkko Impola, Designer, (jarkko.impola@oulu.fi, +358294487475)

Essi Erkkilä, Communications Specialist, (essi.erkkila@oulu.fi, +358 50 521 5852)

Last updated: 29.6.2022