XLIX Finnish Conference of Linguistics

The largest linguistics conference in Finland, Finnish Conference of Linguistics, will be held on 24–26 May 2023. Participants from the universities in Finland as well as abroad are welcome to attend.

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Nordic Art Hotel Lasaretti

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Finnish Conference of Linguistics 2023

The XLIX Finnish Conference of Linguistics will be held on 24–26 May 2023 in Oulu, at Nordic Art Hotel Lasaretti. The conference does not have a specific theme. The keynote speakers are Tuomo Hiippala (University of Helsinki), Maija Hirvonen (Tampere University), Ksenia Shagal (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) and a Langnet plenarist (will be notified later). In addition to the plenary presentations, the conference programme includes section papers, workshops, poster walk as well as a panel discussion organized by The Linguistic Association of Finland.

We now invite those interested in organizing a workshop to submit abstracts (approx. 300–500 words). The abstracts must be submitted by 16 December to the organizing committee (ktp2023@oulu.fi). Information on submitting section papers, panel papers and poster presentations will be published in January.

The main languages of the symposium will be Finnish, Swedish and English but presentations in other languages will also be welcome.

We wish you warmly welcome to Oulu!



Organizing committee:

  • Pentti Haddington & Jari Sivonen (chairs)
  • Sisko Brunni
  • Sabine Grasz
  • Jukka Mettovaara
  • Santeri Palviainen
  • Elisa Risto
  • Tiina Räisänen
  • Katja Västi
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