An exciting adventure with exceptional opportunities

The quality of research and flexible education system encouraged Niyati Kandikanti to pursue a double-degree in Molecular Medicine at the University of Oulu.
Student ambassador at the university

My choice - University of Oulu

Niyati has a pharmacy licentiate degree and a diploma in clinical data management. She has worked as a clinical pharmacist, a biomedical data management intern, a university lecturer, a research intern in Neuroscience, a research intern in Pharmacology and Toxicology, and a trainee developing Microfluidic device surface treatments.

Currently, Niyati is pursuing a double-degree master's in Molecular Medicine. It is a unique type of degree recognised by two different universities, the University of Oulu and Ulm University, Germany, where she completed part of her studies.

Niyati came across Oulu when she was searching for higher education in Europe.

"I was mostly attracted by the quality of research, the programme's flexibility and international exchanges at the University of Oulu."

"Coming to education, I like the higher education system here in Finland. My studies are very flexible and personalised, in that I can choose the courses I am interested in", Niyati adds.

Research component with the international experience

"The University of Oulu has two major streams in the field of Biochemistry: Molecular Medicine and Protein Science & Biotechnology. My favourite part of the studies is the huge research component involved and international experience", Niyati explains.

"Now, I am working with multiple research groups focussed on interesting topics and learning new skills. I feel much more confident working in the lab while handling my project."

Niyati further mentions that at the University of Oulu, a wide variety of research groups provide myriad research skills and training.

Opportunity to develop collaborative skills

Niyati likes giving herself more opportunities to explore her teamwork and collaborative skills. Thus, at the University of Oulu, she is a member of several student guilds.

"Currently, I'm a student well-being tutor, student ambassador, and member/deputy member of several committees (FSHS Health Working Group, The Student Wellbeing Working Group of the University of Oulu, the Equality and Diversity Working Group, The University Collegium, the Education Committee)," Niyati mentions.

"I feel like such balance or fun, and responsibility greatly improves my student experience in Finland as I feel useful and peaceful."

Niyati enjoys networking since it allows her to interact with other international students and visit novel places. "Being in student organisations helps in improving my presentation and persuasion skills. I also have a newfound love for blogging and sharing my experiences", Niyati adds.

Being a well-being tutor at the University of Oulu helped Niyati discover many things she likes, such as making friends, visiting places, cooking, playing table tennis, taking scenic walks, supporting her peers, and sharing her hobbies.

A new perspective on life

Born in Hyderabad, higher studies have taken Niyati to many places in India, Germany, and Finland. "Most people say home is where the heart is."

"I am still as starstruck by the peace, the beautiful nature and the lovely people of Oulu as my first day. There must be something in the air that brings forth the best in me."

"Finnish nature is constantly transforming and becoming more mesmerising with every season! I also enjoy the lifestyle here in Finland - The quality of products, the beautiful nature, many seasonal activities, respectful society, feelings of safety and security," Niyati explains.

Niyati noticed that she was reserved and introverted before coming to Finland. Now her perspective on challenges changed from the usual stressing out to downright excitement!

"In a way, this feels like my fresh start - to be more in control of my life, career, and well-being. I feel positive about my possibilities here, and Finland makes me happy about both my present and my future."

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