Annual registration

All students enrolled in the University of Oulu, including Bachelor's and Master's and postgraduate students are obligated to register to the university annually, in order to be able to exercise their right to study. Open University students and Extension School students do not register to the University.

Principles for registration

Each student pursuing a degree must  annually register for attendance or non-attendance for each academic year.
  • Register for attendance if you wish to participate in instruction, complete studies or a degree, and receive student financial aid.
  • Register for non-attendance if you will not complete any studies during the academic year or term. A non-attending student remains enrolled at the University, but cannot complete any studies, does not pay the Student Union membership fee, and is not eligible for student benefits or scholarships.
  • The registration cannot be done before the registration period begins.
  • The registration is done at the beginning of each academic year (Both Autumn and Spring term) through the OILI registration service during the registration period.
  • Students must register for all of their active degree study rights separately.
  • Academic year registration cannot be done retroactively for semesters that have already ended.

If you do not have the Degree study right to  at the University of Oulu, but a non-degree study right granted by the Faculty for a fixed study period (e.g. separate study rights), it is enough to register as attending at the beginning of your studies. Registration is valid for the entire duration of the right to study.

Fees related to registration

All students studying for a Bachelor's or Master's degree must also pay

The Student Union membership fee is not study right specific. Even if you have several study rights, you need to pay the membership fee only once.

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