Did you miss the registration period?

A degree student who has not registered as prescribed by the University (as present or absent) will lose one's study rights. If the student later wants to continue the studies, the student must apply to the University for the activation of the study right and pay the re-registration fee charged for processing the application.

Failure on registration on time

A student who has not registered by the deadline, but wants to continue to study, must first apply for activation of the right to study from the Faculty. Activation of the right to study is requested using the Reactivation of study right form found in Eforms. Fill out one application for each study right to be activated.

NOTE! Registration at the university is done on each right to study separately. This means that if you have failed to register for one of your study rights on time, a re-enrollment fee will be charged for the late registration, even if you had previously registered as present/absent for another study right.

Re-registration fee

You may register after the registration deadline by paying a re-registration fee of 35 € and sending a receipt of the payment to Academic Affairs service Teams of your own Faculty.

If you register late for several study rights in one go, you will only be charged one re-enrollment fee (=application processing fee). You can get more detailed instructions from Academic Affairs service teams.